[][src]Struct emu_core::device::DeviceFnMutParams

pub struct DeviceFnMutParams { /* fields omitted */ }

Describes the parameters that can be passed to a DeviceFnMut

This is cheap to construct and something you can safely clone multiple times. See ParamsBuilder for a convenience builder of DeviceFnMutParams. DeviceFnMutParams encapsulates a map from each set number to a map from each binding in the set to a binding layout. The binding layout contains both the wgpu::BindGroupLayoutEntry and an ArgAndParamInfo storing information for each parameter.

Looking into WebGPU docs and Emu source code is probably the best way to figure out how to work with the WebGPU data structures encapsulated by DeviceFnMutParams.


impl DeviceFnMutParams[src]

pub fn new(num_params: usize) -> Self[src]

Constructs a set of parameters where each parameter is mutable

Trait Implementations

impl Clone for DeviceFnMutParams[src]

impl From<DeviceFnMutParams> for HashMap<u32, HashMap<u32, (BindGroupLayoutEntry, ArgAndParamInfo)>>[src]

impl From<HashMap<u32, HashMap<u32, (BindGroupLayoutEntry, ArgAndParamInfo), RandomState>, RandomState>> for DeviceFnMutParams[src]

impl Hash for DeviceFnMutParams[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl RefUnwindSafe for DeviceFnMutParams

impl Send for DeviceFnMutParams

impl Sync for DeviceFnMutParams

impl Unpin for DeviceFnMutParams

impl UnwindSafe for DeviceFnMutParams

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